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Need to standardize IT problems in the cloud

The second part of this paper examines some of the problems related to the unification of cloud computing, including the possible initiative of the European Commission to address and clarify it, in order to speed up the adoption of the cloud. cloud computing, particularly in the following areas: mature markets. Between SMEs. Data control and… Read More »

Can your company use cloud computing?

In essence, migrating to the server in the cloud means that your business is hosted on the Internet, not on an internal server. Internal servers have their own problems and, in general, require extensive IT administration to remain alert and able to help in times of crisis. How is enterprise cloud computing? Well, the most… Read More »

Cloud Clout: your advantage for small businesses

Do you have a contest? I know who does not know? It must be a public or charitable corporation and, even then, non-profit organizations compete for the contributions of a group of shareholders who earn money at different times of the year. More and more government agencies are reducing funding rules at this time. Yes,… Read More »