How to crossing the border with the United States and Canada?

After several years in the US and Canada by truck, you have a range of details that can be hard to cross the borders. It’s always annoying, but if you follow these simple rules, the likelihood of a bad experience is much lower.

These tips are for everyone, especially those traveling on four wheels, by truck, road, car or limousine.

Remember that immigration agents are driven by people by their impressions to guess their intentions. Have you seen how the TV series listened to me? Well, I’m sure you’ve never seen, studied.

Get the car you want. If you want to check your car and find out what’s in the full, you can make it completely empty. This happened to Zulema, one of Argentina’s grandmothers. A few years ago, he traveled with his dog in Alaska. Most are back on track and it is not possible to check what is behind the front row of the boxes. I still remember the profundity of the internet.

Do you speak English? Regardless, you choose the agent who answers you, says López, Martínez or the surname. As far as possible in the country you need to speak a national language. Especially in the US and Canada.

Do not be friendly or funny or friends. Do not try to verify the customs inspector or the immigration officer. First, because they have friends. Second, because we believe that the world has no limits, its activity seriously. Your job is to protect the borders of your country. You can simply relax the official version when you start an informal conversation. They are human and may want to travel.
The first or second question is usually: “What does our country do?” Or “where are you going?” This is your chance to show that X is traveling a few months or years, aiming to make tourism, get to know your country, and get to Alaska. Choose ten points for those who spend and read. He will not pass the line and he will give you geography lessons.
Always in the hands of the US or Canada. It does not matter that you do not know the person who lives there, it’s an important picture for you to fill. In addition, a US address can help you secure your vehicle.

Immigration and bloody / strong immigration agencies are immigrants and foreign-born immigrants in the United States or Canada and have obtained their nationality after many years of employment. Of course, there are many whites, but if you follow the three prior recommendations and make another important step, usually more doubt than Latinos (we mentioned for the first time they came to Canada), Philippines (second), and Pakistan (third under Point Roberts and Vancouver, British Columbia).
Do not ask for your orders. If you say that you are in a particular location, do not ask for it. If you are asking to open the door, open that door. If you ask what’s in a box, tell them what’s in the box. Carefully read the signs that surround you. In some places you must stay in the car or stop a certain line or direction. Do not attract too much attention.

If you have a passport that does not require prior approval, please do not forget to fill ESTA online. In this form, you can send all your information before traveling to the United States. A few months ago, Anna changed her passport to Spain and had to fill the form again before she entered the United States. But he did not do it. Fortunately, the immigration officer had a good day and was allowed to complete the ESTA certification at Canada’s land border.
The final visa is available at the border. After you have received your visa in your country or you do not need the previous visa. The agent who serves you at the border is the person with the last word. Be friendly and patient. The limitations of patience are gone.

When you travel, you always carry documents that prove your story. It may be a website or blog address where you can plan your trip early, a somewhat up-to-date overview of the money you have in your bank, or your insurance is valid for travel to US or Canada. It helps you find the names of cities, countries, flags and maps outside of your vehicle.

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