The UK paper driving licence is being abolished. How will the changes affect you?

Since June 2015, a peer-to-peer card license has been terminated. You need to know that.
As of June 8, 2015, you should not worry about the unstable portion of your driver’s license. This is because the Federation of Victims of Domestic Violence has revoked its photo card license while the government continues to digitize 25 public services.
But how do you affect you? Read on to learn more about changes to your driver’s license.

Why do we need a picture driver driver’s license impairment?
The counterpart was introduced in 1998 to show driver’s license details, which may not be included on the photo card. This information includes current registrations or penalty points and each category due to temporary vehicles.
If the counterpart needs to be updated in the past, for example, to add or remove penalty points, you must send it to DVLA, which will send you a new message.
Why cancel the corresponding section?
The equivalent of a driver’s license with a photo card will be canceled as part of a government consultation in the “bureaucratic process” around land transportation. With the transfer of online agencies, the government wants to save about £ 8 million and simplify their services.
How does the new system work?
Using photo cards is still in use, with notes previously displayed in pairs displayed on the Internet. This information is provided to organizations and companies that need to be represented, such as employers and car rental companies.
Data is provided only to those who have the right to see them and have knowledge of the driver’s license. Each penalty is automatically added to the license and removed after the expiration date.
What should I do with my colleagues?
Not yet, but after June 8, 2015, the counterpart has no legal standing and may be destroyed. However, paper-driver’s licenses issued before using the photo card in 1998 remain valid and should not be broken.
The next time you need to update your name or address, or renew your license, you will only receive a light card.
Can you check your driver’s license details online?
Now you will find details of your driver’s license online at
You can do it any time, free and easy to use and available around the clock. These service programs allow you to check which type of vehicle you are allowed to drive and which permits you have.

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What information is currently available when you see a driver’s license?

Personal data: name, address, date of birth and gender
License status (temporary, complete, rejected or unauthorized)
License expiration date
License version number
Self drive (either full or temporary expiration date)
Penalties and revocation of authorization.
How can a driver access the service?
To access the service, the license holder requires the following:

Driver’s license number or personal data (full name, date of birth and gender)
zip code
National insurance number
Are these good news for motorists in the UK?
Of course, a photo card license becomes easier, but it can also be a financial benefit.
The British Insurance Association said thanks to the new digital system, motorists can reduce their premiums to £ 15 a year. This is because, in the current system, insurers can not verify the license details when they sell it in the policy, which means it should include a premium risk.
With the new system, insurers can review real-time details, which means loyal drivers can see a drop in their annual insurance costs.

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