New drug-driving laws come into force in March 2015 (INSURANCE RELATED)

Drugs listed on the list of illicit substances are included in new drug control laws.
From March 2, 2015, new laws provide for more severe penalties for drivers under the influence of drugs.
Under the new system, driving is illegal if you can not do it because you use legal or illegal drugs, or if you have some degree of certain drugs in your blood. Essentially, this includes some prescription drugs, even if it does not affect your leadership.
The new law does not only affect those under the influence of illicit drugs, but also on emergent drug users who are suffering from a disease that requires persecution.
Which prescription drugs are included in new laws?
The list of drugs includes some drugs that are sometimes not used, for example. B. Medicines that need to be treated:

Severe pain (morphine, diamorphine, ketamine)
Anxiety or sleep disorders (diazepam, clonazepam, lorazepam, oxazepam, timazepam)
Drug addiction (methadone)
Attention to Hyperactivity Care (amphetamine)
Multiple Sclerosis (Nabiximole)
If you have been guilty of having your body touch the border with one of these drugs, you may be guilty of breaking the law. However, if you take medicines according to the advice given and do not drop them, you can not ignore new rules.
The final list of all medicines and their limitations can be found below.

What are the penalties for drug use?
Under pressure from repression, the government introduced a series of severe sanctions, including:

Drive for at least one year.
Excellent up to £ 5,000
Up to a year in prison.
11-year driver’s license
Sentenced to 14 years imprisonment when sentenced to death for dangerous driving under the influence of drugs
To enforce new drug handling laws, the police will bring a new screening device to assess whether the driver uses illegal drugs such as cocaine or hashish. Street drugs are used with existing wine testing equipment. Drug management is thought to be around 200 deaths per year.

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What is the RAC advice for drivers?
We encourage motorists to discuss all the regulations with your doctor to make sure they do not weaken your trip. Drivers should consult the doctor immediately if the drug affects their ability to drive. We also recommend that you always keep copies of the regulations.
It is in no way unnecessary and unnecessarily dangerous to the risk of a criminal record or, worse, harms your own life and other drivers.
The new drug regulation came on March 2, 2015. More information can be found here:
“The launch of a new crime sends a clear message to users of illicit substances under the influence of unacceptable effects and can now be drugged,” said Simon Williams, spokesperson RAC Center. However, this may affect hundreds of thousands of people who use certain drugs for medical purposes.
“Drivers need to keep copies of their prescriptions at all times and discuss the effects of their medicines on their doctor.” You should also consult a doctor if the prescription affects your ability to drive, even if the drug you are using never affects your driving. It has passed the new limit for a particular drug and is arrested, the crime is focused, so the message: do not risk it, check it out. “

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