The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has launched a campaign to publicise the latest range of super-clean Euro 6 diesels

SMMT launched a campaign to implement the latest ultra-clean four-wheel-drive diesel engine. This is to counter the rise in anti-diesel rhetoric over the past few months, considered by the car industry as “deceptive”.
All new diesel vehicles available in the market meet European emission standards 6 and all diesel vehicles for sale should be required by law on 1 September 2015.

The latest diesel offers a fair price?
The fuel-fueled SMMT campaign, supported by executives from BMW UK, Ford UK, Jaguar Land Rover and Volkswagen, was launched to challenge the increase in diesel fuel monetization.
The organization found that nearly 10 out of ten adults in the UK did not know the emission standards of Euro 6, but more than half of repression for cars and commercial vehicles was the main cause of air pollution in the UK. United This is not true, SMMT said: Plant plants are the largest pollution in the country, but none of the five elderly Britons know it.
42 million euros for diesel vehicles, four times more than diesel vehicles, to make the same amount of NOx as a coal energy plant. There are currently 15 fired power plants in the UK.

But what is the exact Diesel 6 Euro?
In summary, this is a vehicle that meets strict regulatory emissions that came into force in September 2014.
It is known that the Euro 5 emission standard, which is mandatory in 2011, sells all new vehicles. The standard of Euro 6 is the next step forward and all new cars sold from 1 September 2015 must be fulfilled.
There are thousands of cars that meet Euro 6 used on roads in Britain. From September, each new car corresponds to the 2.3 million units sold each year. With diesel accounting for almost half of the new car market, environmental benefits are rapidly spreading.

Why does a 6 Euro diesel engine work in this step?
Compliance with emissions regulations in Europe 6 is quite simple for fuel engines with some exceptions. Diesel cars are more demanding.

Euro 5 standards are limited to exhaust particles, which means that many new diesel models have standard particulate filters (particles are less of a problem for fuel). During this time, the Euro regulations refer to 6 reduction of nitrogen oxides, as they form greenhouse gases and important pollutants in the air.

In fact, the greenhouse effect of nitrogen oxides is hundreds of times greater than carbon dioxide: it is the fourth largest contributor to global warming.

A big cut: A car with a diesel engine must pay 6 € more than 50 percent less than the nitrogen oxides of diesel fuel 5 euro. The maximum coverage is 80 mg / km, compared to 180 mg / km as a 5 euro grant rope. The denomination of euro 4 against the euro is 5 percent 20. It shows how strong demand is falling for euro 6.

In 2000, the reduction of nitrogen oxides was 500 mg / km, indicating the magnitude of the heavy reduction.

Air pollution in residential buildings is carried by Euro 6 standards with the highest emissions of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides from diesel vehicles. It is limited to 170 mg / km, compared to 230 mg / km under current 5 euro provisions.

That is why the regulations of Euro 6 are very important. Diesel engines typically produce more nitrogen oxide than fuel. The euro has 5 extensively targeted diesel engines, but Euro 6 may be more difficult.

In order to meet these requirements, car manufacturers should invest in a new diesel engine filtration technology to clean exhaust emissions. An example is selective selectivity, which stores emissions and then “selectively” heats them to replenish and neutralize emissions. Another alternative is the urea solution, which is sent by gasoline (known as “AdBlue”), which destroys emissions into the exhaust.

Each of the “nitrogen filters” solutions are expensive. Diesel cars are more expensive than similar fuel models due to the high cost of escape they require, and it increases the price.

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