Tips for traveling by car and driving in United States

America is a country designed for use in vehicles. For example, if you’re asking a tourist along the West Coast, the best option is to hire a car to explore different sights.
Then I’ll give you some helpful tips for your trip to the US.

1. A trip to America is not difficult. On all major roads there is a long and fast road with many lanes where you can quickly switch between different cities (if you need it …).

The road between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
2. If there is no highway and you need to take the state highway, generally in good condition, with smooth lanes and wide bends, easier access and safe driving.
On mountain roads, such as the Yosemite National Park in California, roads, curb of logical places, have also found a great situation.

3. The roads are often used, especially in coastal areas extending along the east and west. But they have many wide roads, it is difficult to get into traffic.

4. Yes, it is not possible to avoid congestion near major cities, especially public holidays and peak hours. In any case, we found many traffic on the east coast, for example between New York and Washington, on the west coast.

5. Speed ​​Viewing Limits … You can see that everyone respects you, so you drive on the street with many ordinary paths … and all the cars are at the same speed in different copies.
Speed ​​limits vary depending on the route and the highway. Look closely at each case. The standard limit is 60 miles per hour.

Lancaster County Amish Highway in Pennsylvania
6. You will be surprised if you find it on trucks on the left lane at specified speed and under no circumstances to switch to correct corridors. You need to lift the correct one.

7. While traveling to the United States freeways you will find many places of all kinds of services: gas stations, motels, various chains and many fast food restaurants … In short, you have no problem if you need to refuel. Eat or Choose where you want to sleep.
However, driving the West Coast roads and visiting national parks in Utah and Arizona is not the same thing. Service areas vary between 50 and 70 kilometers, so you need to plan your requirements carefully.

8. Road signs and roads are generally great, so you can easily find the places you want to visit. However, in major cities, you should pay attention to the signage, as it is usually a very complicated road block.

9. If you come to a rental car in a larger city, you should be careful, but it’s not hard to reach your destination in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington. Aside from Los Angeles, this is a fabulous big city that is not easy to navigate.

Therefore, the use of a GPS device is strongly recommended. If you do not have it, you can rent a car.

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