Advice to rent a car in USA and NY

If I traveled to New York, I would say that it was a mistake to rent a car to stay in Manhattan. However, I’m sure many of you are thinking of leaving the city and discovering other places near New York (in Connecticut states, Boston, Philadelphia, see Amish, etc.) Useful to rent car and freely switch. Similarly, any advice I give to you may be useful to rent a car in other parts of the United States, where it is often necessary to get a car.

First of all, it’s our personal experience to travel a lot and rent cars in New York and the US. Our reference company is Avis. The times we hired them, the process was clear, we delivered the car quickly and without any problems. The vehicles are complete and the only time an accident happened on the road is no doubt a new car. It is true that we are cooperating with them today, but if we accept it, because we have been good and we always recommend it.
If you want to get started, you can read our trip to the north-eastern coast of the United States.

Traveling in states

What documents do you need to rent a car in the US? In general, you do not need more than one driver’s license from your country and a credit card. You do not need to get an international license, but you certainly have more security. At Avis you will need a credit card and your original driver’s license. In general, you must be between 25 and 71 years old, even if you pay extra, sometimes you can pay for it.

How do you allocate your car? The simplest and best deal you can see is to do it on the web. You can also contact us via Twitter.

Who can drive a car? You can drive the rental car to people who are registered as a driver. This problem is taken seriously in the case of injury and insurance, so there is no risk. But only one driver should show a credit card.

What is the cost of car insurance and what coverage? One of the most important topics. By default, all New York vehicles must have liability insurance, which is not charged separately. Can not have insurance in the rest of the state? We recommend doing so before renting the conditions. If you can, your credit card is guaranteed. You are not playing in the United States with this theme.

How does fuel work? Return it to the same amount confiscated. Typically, a gas station is usually taken alongside offices.

Where can I drive a rental car? If you rent a car to the US, be sure to allow the state to leave. With Avis you can drive your car through the USA and Canada. In addition, you do not have to choose the same receipt and delivery office, which is perfect for the problem of large US highways.

How are US cars available? I think that’s one of the things I love in the United States. A small car is a medium-sized car in almost every other country. Therefore, the price for small cars in medium term. Of course, most cars are automated, typically in the United States.

Where can I travel by car from New York? There are many destinations traveling by car from Manhattan. The state of New York has incredible places (vineyards in Long Island, fall in autumn and good barns). Then there comes a fall and comes to Canada. In Connecticut and Massachusetts the feeling of New England was shaken. Cities like Boston, Lexington and much more are worth visiting. New Jersey is for nature lovers. Washington, DC and Pennsylvania are several miles away and offer plenty of activity. If you have plenty of time, Maine, Maryland and many other states will be happy.

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