Eight scenarios for efficient use of cloud technology.

By | December 17, 2018

Cloud technology is a powerful tool that has enabled many organizations and businesses. Each business unit is unique and has unique requirements. The cloud has powerful features that meet the needs of different people and businesses. The following eight cases examine the diverse and complete features of cloud technology.

An electronic company

The e-commerce project will only work if customers have a smooth and seamless shopping experience. This means faster downloads, an integrated payment gateway, and a secure environment. It is also necessary to have a large database that connects well to the interface. All of these requirements can be effectively fulfilled with the cloud infrastructure.

Seasonal business

Many seasonal businesses only work a few months a year. For example, a mango supplier in India needs internet access between March and August. The Halloween masks supplier in the United States will only be active on Halloween. This seasonal activity does not require a large infrastructure each season. These companies should benefit from the scalability features of cloud technology.

Existing entities

Many traditional businesses have a strong online infrastructure. Should these entities go to the cloud? The decision depends on many factors. An organization may want to convert all messaging functions to the cloud. Others prefer a cautious approach and move gradually towards the cloud, while others choose to miss the cloud.

Startups and entrepreneurs

Start-ups and entrepreneurs have their own problems. First, the entry-level project requires financing. Venture capital companies generally do not want to be capitalized. They prefer to finance fast and agile entrepreneurs. In addition, newly created companies can not pay high salaries to their technical staff. Cloud technology offers these companies a good opportunity.

Technology companies

The proliferation of SaaS technology companies has voluntarily forced itself to migrate to the cloud. Products have become fast services and the best way to provide them is to use the cloud. The flexibility of the operating environment, the combination of software resources, and the ease of back-end management are just some of the reasons why technology companies get into the cloud.

Social Network Projects

Who does not want to have facebook below? Or Twitter for the case. The problem is that there are a thousand mistakes for every successful Facebook page. The infrastructure of these mysterious creatures is a kamikaze. Increasing demand and paying for real use is the only way for these companies. In addition, publications on social networks can occupy a wide range of servers. Once again, the cloud can come to the rescue.

Music projects and video downloads.

There is an eclectic mix of entities that move with music downloads and videos. It may not be as big as YouTube, but it devours a lot of resources. Fast downloads, streaming features, flexible payment terms, security requirements and a non-cloud environment can only be supported by cloud technology.

Game portal

The gaming portal is not only fun and fun. The volume can take a gigantic size when you are in a multiplayer environment geographically dispersed and using a lot of graphics. These specific requirements are difficult to manage. How does cloud technology respond to this urgent environment?


All these eight scenarios appear continuously on the Internet. Entrepreneurs, experienced entrepreneurs and thousands of students are studying the mystery of the cloud. To free the air, I will cover these eight scenarios as case studies on my upcoming websites.

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