Does the professional designer add a valuable website to your website?

By | December 6, 2018

As a web design company, we constantly hear: “Does a professional web designer add value to my website?”

The obvious answer is, “Is it important to do that?”

For some, the site is just a hobby, perhaps showing a family photo, etc. For others, it is useful for small businesses where revenue generation is not really important because they do not expect the business to generate a profitable income. In either case, it is important that the website is effective or not. However, if work is your livelihood, it is absolutely essential that your website works in all areas. In this case, a professional website designer will definitely improve your website.

New Zealanders are known for their handyman mentality and it is generally accepted that it is easy and inexpensive to use free open source products to create your own website. Many products offer free or cheap templates, so you do not need your own design skills to create the website. However, the relatively simple costs (out of time) can be very low.

But as we all know, the old adage says, “You get what you pay for!” Generally not applicable. As mentioned above, if your website is important to you, it must be presented in the following key areas: create credibility and trust, generate quality contacts, identify the brand, and so on. It is the performance in these key areas on which the professional design team is already focused: their skills and experience, as well as access to a wider range of resources that enable them to work in these areas.

When we build a project for the first time, we focus a lot on the customer’s budget and the expectations of the site, especially in terms of the final return on investment. For example, a website worth $ 1,000 may look like a business, but making a small contribution to your business is just another problem. If that fails in some of the key areas already mentioned, for example. For example, creating credibility and trust or creating a good brand can hurt your business! On the other hand, the $ 30,000 website, which directly generates an additional $ 300,000, is a good performance. The website is an important business asset.

In summary, what does the website designer bring to the table?

A professional web designer is usually part of a team of experts and each member of the team will contribute to your project.

By creating the right image for your website, the designer helps you create credibility and trust in the audience you choose.
The team makes sure that all the objectives of the site are well understood and that the site is designed to reach them. This is especially true for the specific features expected of the site.
The team ensures that the user experience in the design and construction of the website is given high priority. The wire is a key element here, which makes the design team’s experience crucial. The user experience must be designed not only for the target audience, but also for the different types of characters within that audience. For example, your target audience may be between 30 and 50 men with an income of $ 100,000 more per year. There are several quick personality types to make decisions, others to work more slowly and more complex, etc. All types must meet your needs.
The team ensures that the site is designed, built and delivered on time. There is nothing worse than a start-up event or a corporate event to attend your event and your website is no longer ready.
The marketing specialist or marketing strategy will examine how the website can be used with other marketing elements to ensure the best results. In addition, we are exploring the most effective ways to get your audience to your website. Ideally, your marketing specialist will work with you as soon as you create and set up your website. This will allow you to continue to make the most of your online activities.
In summary, although there is a place for DIY stores, we recommend that you do not do it.

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