Talk to the public: press groups to promote and promote the book.

By | December 4, 2018

Accuracy is taken into account when preparing a press kit that can be passed on to the media and to the people you can reserve to speak. So be careful with your press release if you want to get a free advertising book as a result. I do not want to leave your impression if you only learn to use glue.

Public speaking allows the author to announce the event and press releases announcing public speaking. Some authors have chosen to write online press releases to reach a wider audience. All you need is an answer to make the ball public.

Many press groups are writers who are used as indispensable and attractive tools for media coverage and personal contributions that help them sell books and promote themselves as experts in their field. They are also known as media kits and press kits. They can be useful in different ways if you know what the print looks like and what you want to include.

Remember that the press kit must represent your book and that you are an author and a public speaker in the most professional lighting conditions. However, if you do not have the budget to hire an advertising agency to create your press kit, or if your publisher does not offer these services, or if you are an independent copywriter, here are some simple and inexpensive guidelines for set up your journalistic profile. ,

First, select a folder to display the print tools in the Office Depot Storage Folder folder. There are many options, from bright colors to light neutral tones and dark, soft tones. Its bright colors distinguish your press kit from the rest of the newspaper games placed in the office of a journalist or an artistic agent. However, bright colors for the blind may not be suitable for the presentation, as you believe.

When in doubt, use conservative colors such as white, black, navy and beige. In these colors, there are a variety of styles, some with glossy surfaces, gold letters, flashing windows and plastic sheets. The cost of displaying more plastic folders, but it seems cheap. I recommend a good quality paper product.

Avoid shiny presentation folders that look great before touching them when removing stains and fingerprints. Also be careful when you stop displaying windows in the display folders. Display windows may be damaged if the folder is stacked with other items, leaving the press pack clumsy. My suggestion is to avoid window sprouts.

Create a printed image of the cover of your book that you can carefully place on the front of the presentation folder. I printed a book cover on glossy photo paper to give the image a crisp, clean look that looks like the book’s cover.

Be careful not to place the sticker on the front of the book cover or any other part of the file. For a professional appearance, apply a glue stick to the edges and corners of the printed book cover to prevent tearing and tearing. Make sure the position and focus of your screen are properly measured before applying glue on the cover photo of your book. Polish the image in the folder and leave it aside to allow the adhesive to dry completely.

What is happening in multiple printers? Add the event newsletter to sign your book. Write a press release. Include a book summary, biography, event details and copies of the printed cover. Do not forget your photo: the 8×10 brightness and the CD containing your photo, the title page of the book, the press release and the bulletin board. Make sure the CD formats are JPEG and JP Word for the documents. These include business cards, references, postcards, self-sealed replies and news stamps.

In general, I do not add custom copies to anyone who receives my author’s toolbox. Exam copies cost money and should be reserved for those who think they can receive new contributions or conversations.

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