The Perfect Tense Beat – French Ballet Word for Stretching

By | November 26, 2018

Whether you choose a ballet at a ballet store or find it online, every new student needs it. Even if you speak French, different words can be used.

The Tendu system is the movement of the openings of the feet and the legs, the development of the toes remaining on the ground.

Assuming that your posture is correct (“neutral spine”), your choice is relaxed hips, neck and shoulders.

This is not true

When you are in fifth place, first move the weight towards the link leg while moving the heel of the work forward. You push the heels forward as you move, move forward or sideways. You can stop your foot because you remove the weight of that leg so that the knee joint does not tighten.

Here is a difficult part: if you stretch your leg, you can push your foot further to the ground. It is not intended for the tension of the knee joint with the weight of the foot; no, but it creates resistance. Press the foot on the ground to increase the strength of the foot muscles. Do not bend your toes, think of all the feet. However, stretching your foot into position does it quickly. After leaving the floor area, be sure not to stretch. The movement ends when the arch is fully extended and the toes are simply aligned.

This is the same movement you will do in Pointe Shoes while keeping the toes for a long time and not bending.

Some techniques teach that the foot is stretched so that the toes end in a curved position in the heel of the heel. Others know that you must cross your feet with your foot towards the center of the base or the center of the trunk. In this way, you can lose the crosswalk or hip position while holding down the switch, which would cause a slight tilt of the body (towards the corner of the side of the amplifier). During the first years of training, I see no reason not to be aligned with the support heel with extended fingers.

If nothing happens in the body, you have made a correct move.

To close, you can release the joints of the feet, press the toes on the floor while pulling the leg, plunge the fingers and reduce the heel to support the soles of the feet on the ground. Here again is the small hard zone: you pull the leg, but you should not pull the toes if you take the fifth (or first) position so that the foot does not cut too much. You must stand on your foot, rotating by the rotors of the hip. Ballet is not anatomically correct, but you must give up without touching your knees, moving your ankles and being unbalanced.

At the end of the movement, your weight should be equal to two square feet and your hips, the spine remains neutral and the neck relaxed. Since thousands of rabbits are trained in ballet, there is no way to be strong and build a good dance style.

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