The 4 best SEO techniques for integration into your digital marketing plan this year

By | November 15, 2018

Nowadays, digital marketing is still used and depends largely on search engine optimization. Indeed, SEO is one of the most effective strategies you can use to make your brand more visible and recognizable in the digital world.

Every year, SEO methods and trends change often. Many strategies and tools that are not effective are not monitored or used. The most effective new technologies will be introduced and used to improve the online presence of a given brand and its website.

This year, we will certainly implement many trends and strategies to make SEO a more useful and effective digital marketing tool. Here are some of these trends and new search engine optimization techniques that should be included in this year’s digital marketing plan:

• Web sites must be “mobile compatible”. The use of the mobile Internet exceeded the use of the computer last year. SEO specialists place a high priority on easy-to-use mobile websites. You should also make sure that your website does not have any issues that might disrupt your mobile clients and affect their rankings, such as: non-functional content, incorrect redirects, and slow page loading.

• Pay less attention to keyword rankings and more to the actual return on your investment. Computer experts say that even if your site is on page 1 for a particular keyword, but you do not click on any of its products, it is likely that you will not get the most out of your digital marketing campaign. To improve the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts, you must adjust your analytics to follow the visitor’s path to the website to finalize a real purchase.

• Give priority to better social participation. Do not worry too much about finding the best and the newest ways to share social networks this year. Instead, put your opinions on two or three different websites and use some programs to see who people are talking to and who to talk to in real time. Customers, especially loyal customers, expect to be heard when they mention their brand directly or when they ask questions on their social pages. In general, users not only use social networks to find out what their friends think, but also to find solutions to their brand problems.

• Customize the structure of your site. Many digital marketing experts recommend improving your website system instead of installing new content for your blog and websites. Some ways to improve your site structure include reducing URLs to intermittent URLs, removing broken links, 404 errors, eliminating the number of external links and keywords per publication, simplifying of the design and rewriting of the content. meet the expectations of all visitors.

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