The importance of following your digital marketing campaigns.

By | November 13, 2018

If you’re running a digital marketing campaign, you should follow up. With tracking, you know everything you need to know about your campaign. Some things you know are:

Number of unique visitors who visit your website daily, weekly, or monthly.

Traffic sources for visitors: They know if the traffic is natural, direct or transferable. Free visits are visits by people who visit your website after entering your search term. Direct traffic is the traffic of people who have entered the name or URL of your company. On the other hand, the traffic comes from social networks, blogs and other sources to which it refers. Tracking helps you know where most of your traffic comes from and how to focus on it.

Your daily, weekly, or monthly readers: You can also see how much time each reader spends on your site.

Your conversion: it depends on your campaign. If you want to increase the number of subscribers to your emails, you’ll know how many people are watching your campaign and how many people are taking action. If the conversion is too low, you may need to change your campaign.
Use this tool to track a digital marketing campaign

There are many tracking tools on the market that you can use, but two are identical. For a simple time, you should use an easy to use tool. In general, make sure everyone can use the tool, even if they do not have computer skills. This function is important if you have an organization where different people are analyzing the progress of your website.

The reputation of a manufacturing company is another benefit of a good tracking tool. To trust the tool, be sure to use a tool made by a reputable company. Also make sure that the tool you are using also contains all the information that interests you. A good tool should provide information about search engine rankings, traffic categories, traffic sources, return on investment (ROI), conversion rates and average length of stay.


These are the benefits of tracking your digital marketing campaign and the features to consider when choosing a tracking tool. As mentioned, use a tool from a reputable company.

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