Effective Tips for SEO Marketing Associates in 2013

By | November 9, 2018

We also know that those involved in commission marketing are constantly looking for new ways to attract visitors, and one of the most effective ways to increase website / blog traffic is to SEO. From small business blogs to corporate websites, the SEO world is full of affiliates looking to improve their profits, reduce their usual marketing efforts and offer a long-term promotional offer.

The mistake of most affiliate marketers in SEO strategies is the selection of inappropriate budgets for the development of websites that are not successful in the long run, and SEO campaigns conducted by affiliates are often ignored by start or simply continuously desirable

The following tips are aimed at marketers who want to generate 100% SEO traffic in 2013. As a source of long-term visitors, it’s hard to find anything better than promoting a true SEO engine. These tips will help you determine if SEO is worth it, create an optimization strategy for search engines and qualify your earnings successfully.

SEO strategies to avoid in 2013:

  1. Code and articles to turn.
  2. Comment of blog spam
  3. Double sites
  4. Hidden text and blocking links.
  5. Fill keywords
  6. Portal pages or bridge pages.

SEO in 2013:

In 2013, Google updates simplified search engine optimization for legitimate providers. More importantly, SEO can now be used with social networks to improve search rankings and free access. Post messages on Facebook, Twitter, Twitter, Google+ favorites, Pinterest pins and reader pins, and more. They are the easiest way to promote your content. Now you no longer need to recover and work with a list of 1000 social bookmarking sites until the end.

The author’s rating is another factor of high traffic and user trust. You’ll find the author’s avatar, the trust indicator, and the Google+ profile link to the main content. High quality content, customer codes, graphics such as graphical information, photos, reports and videos are sustainable content marketing strategies.

SEO Checklist 2013:

  1. META tags:
    The title tag and tags are the most important element of the page’s SEO strategy. The title tag does not exceed 70 characters and the description tag does not exceed 160 characters. This is the best way to place it on the site. There should be no keyword, spelling or grammar errors.

2nd plan of the site:
The presentation of the site map is another factor of discussion, because when a tracker or bot has entered a website, it can easily navigate through the inner pages.

  1. Navigation and usability.
    This is very important from the point of view of the user, because when the user arrives on the site, it must contain the following elements:

I) good navigation
ii) images that can be displayed
iii) click on the links
iv.) Videos are displayed correctly.
v.) Correct format for all browsers.
vi.) Do not use unnecessary Java or Flash scripts

  1. In the content of the page:
    When writing SEO content on a page, you should always find stupid errors, such as duplicate content, grammatical errors, spelling errors, keyword stuffing, irrelevant content, and excessive content.
  2. Some other basic things:
    There are a lot of things to know about SEO, such as: For example, ALT tags, image, website speed, the appropriate robot.txt file, friendly URL, 301, 302 redirects etc. If you can not find something here, let me know in the comments section.

Here are some basic things you can do to improve your search engine optimization strategy. To begin, focus only on these three elements: keywords, blogs and meta tags. Your website will start to rank and generate more and more visitors.

The challenge is to get visitors to the associated websites, but if you start getting them and have a top spot in the search engines, it can be a rewarding adventure.

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