How much does the content of the SEO book earn?

By | November 1, 2018

The salary of an SEO content editor can vary greatly depending on a number of factors that we are dealing with here. First, let’s be clear about what an SEO copywriter does, so we’re on the same page with the tasks related to this profession.

What does an SEO author do?

For your information, these professionals are also known as Web Content Editors, SEO Essays and Editors, among other titles. In short, they write a web copy to improve the site’s visibility in the search engines.

Why SEO content is in demand

There are specific guidelines for writing websites containing search giants such as Google, which must be followed to achieve the desired results. These changes always change. This is one of the reasons why a SEO book is on the rise.

Many small businesses simply do not have the time to follow the evolution of search engine algorithms such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. It also does not have enough time to generate a constant stream of content (which is often necessary in a good ranking in search engines). Because of this, many companies tend to be freelance web authors who know the latest SEO guidelines and can create the appropriate version of their websites, newsletters, and blogs.

Now that you know why publishers ask, let’s look at some of the factors that affect their income.

SEO Content Writing: Salary Forecasting

The wages of this profession are everywhere. If you look at the main workstations such as SeoJobsFinder and SimplyHired, you will find areas ranging from a low level of about $ 35,000 to a high of $ 75,000. The average of SimplyHired at the time of this launch (summer 2013) is $ 66,000.

Independent SEO writers can earn more! Because? You can tailor your service offer and prices to your revenue goals.

Factors Influencing SEO Content.

There are a lot of elements that probably influence the paid SEO author. Some:

Niche: If you are an SEO copywriter specializing in legal, medical or technical fields, for example, you can set and earn higher rates because not everyone can write this type of copy.

Location: If you choose a full-time job, the amount you earn varies by location. For example, if you use the title “SEO Writer” in SimplyHired, Jackson, MS, will earn an average of $ 57,000. The same position in New York, New York, earns between $ 77,000 and $ 20,000 a year.

Experience: The research and marketing sector has matured and businesses want to gain the experience of writers. Ideally, they are looking for at least three to five years.

For your information, as an independent company, this does not play an important role in finding customers. You just want to know if you can write SEO content and demonstrate it using templates.

These are three of the most important factors that influence the content of a SEO content writer. Here there is more.

Academic Training: This is especially important if you are specialized in a high-tech niche like the one mentioned above.

Example: you need to know where your keywords are. How can I write traffic directions, what to do and what to do if the main text is used?

Type of customer / company you work with: Some customers simply pay better than others, for example. For example, content factories in front of customers can be found alone.

Marketing and Consistency: If you are an independent SEO writer, you can easily earn six digits a year if you are marketing constantly. Your dick will work – definitely! – However, this is possible because of the need and many additional services that you can add to increase your profits (for example, manage a social network account).

With the right training, writing SEO content for small and medium businesses can be the ideal, free and well paid home-based business, as shown by the salaries shown here.

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