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By | October 23, 2018

Here is a problem that I often encounter. I consulted a client about my SEO and found out that I had used another company that was only offsite. This usually accompanies me and shows me the results of the SEO analysis on the website, and the answer is almost always something about your old company. They never say anything about SEO on your website.

It’s more likely that older drivers did not say anything about it because they did not know SEO on the website, which often happens in SEO because many of those who sell as SEO consultants do not know it. There is nothing about coding for the Web and they are less specifically programmed for SEO.

“Few people who sell as SEO consultants know anything about coding for the Web, let alone SEO.”
Many of them will know what the meta tag is and will be able to inform the search engines of information about their site. Some of them even know the number of characters they must contain and must include the keywords for which they have a good ranking.

However, at this point they are reaching the end of their levers because you now need to understand HTML, CSS and other basic coding languages ​​widely used on the Web, such as PHP and ASP. This is important because a reasonable amount spent on search engines depends on the quality of the encoding of your site.

As an illustration, one of the main goals of all search engines is to quickly display and execute relevant content and quality. If your site is badly encoded or if the code is inflated (we will get it in a few seconds), it will not be downloaded quickly. If there is no proper navigation structure, it will be difficult for search engines to enter Spider, which keeps its indexed pages correctly and does not display the page in the results.

What is bad coding? Let’s go to the Google definition and look for speed. Because of this, you do not want to use tables in the encoding because they are typically larger and download more slowly than HTML with a properly encrypted division designed with CSS. You just lost? I apologize, but it’s very important for your SEO.

If your icon is inflated, it simply means that you are using too much code to display your website. If too many codes are used on your website, the download takes longer than necessary. Many SEO experts say that if you do not download your website in less than a second, your chances of reaching the top of the rankings are minimal.

Let’s use measurement, let’s use navigation. For example, suppose the links to your website are the wind, which is the essential force of progress. Even if you have wind, make sure the bottom of your boat is clean and free from barnacles and algae to dissipate resistance and keep the hull of the ship as fast as possible.

After that, you need to make sure your sails are properly adjusted to get the most out of your wind and get maximum thrust. Everything in the water moves when there is enough wind. The trick is to move it quickly and in the right direction.

Search engine optimization is very important, yes, you need crucial links. However, to get the most out of it, you need to optimize the site properly and make sure your SEO consultant understands the coding. For example, the last seven websites you created in the Google index were rejected between sites 12 and 17. Indeed, Google liked the content and coding of the first indexing. I know because there were no links to the sites at this stage of the game.

One of them who focuses more is the one who ranks highest in the Google SERP keyword rankings and has 57 relevant phrases on the first page, all in a very competitive category within 10 weeks. Expand your business and get an SEO consultant who understands every aspect of the SEO cycle.

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