Cloud Clout: your advantage for small businesses

By | September 14, 2018

Do you have a contest? I know who does not know? It must be a public or charitable corporation and, even then, non-profit organizations compete for the contributions of a group of shareholders who earn money at different times of the year. More and more government agencies are reducing funding rules at this time. Yes, competition is a reality for all of us, there is no doubt.

If I told you that there is a way to make your business more productive overnight and improve overall performance, will you find it interesting? Then read how we enter the head in the cloud. The cloud is becoming more and more a part of our daily lives, and there is no reason why you can not harness its power for your business.

Let’s look at productivity first. Suppose the current network of the device is 99% efficient and has 10 employees. With 260 days and 2080 hours per year per employee, the potential productivity is 20,800 hours per year. We do not have a vacation here, just for example. Well, if you lose 1% of these production hours a year, you will have lost 208 hours. It’s five weeks and a day. Big shock, no?

But probably worse. Recently, I spoke to a businessman and he is now in the cloud. He recounted how his old network had collapsed each week and stayed in the water for at least two hours, sometimes longer. The use of a network in the cloud will increase 99.99999% of the time. In the cloud, your programs work better and faster, so you can sometimes save a lot.

So now you are considerably more productive on the network. There is more If the ten users connect to their computers every morning, how long will they start? Leave the device in the cloud to access the cloud. Just enter a password and get to work. It’s a simple multiplier multiplied by the number of users, and the number of days per year is crazy. Per person and per person a minute? It’s more than a week at the end of the year. Think about what the average employee will do in a week!

Now for the shot in the cloud. If you agreed to go to the cloud, you tried it. Sixty days have passed without commitment where the best part comes from. We call it the stage of “self-understanding of clouds”. Here, you must remember your network because it is very quiet, it is not modest and does not require attention like the previous one. It’s just a simple affair.

Do you remember anything else about this old hardware network? Old man, no? And then I have to replace it. Think about how much time you spend thinking, planning, pushing, waiting, talking to IT staff, paying IT staff, and supporting IT companies – all of this is history. It’s gone forever. Now you are in IT and you are using the cloud and not the competition!

We estimate that most companies can provide between 21% and 67% of the total cost of ownership of a physical network, making them more profitable and still an important factor in the battle for market share. Think of a network in the cloud that allows your team to access it anytime and anywhere with any device on the web. Someone is sick? You can stay at home and work from there.

If you are sailing, check the boat from one leg to the other. Where can you be stronger, faster and more competitive? If your network is not very good, you can think of it as an engine that starts it. If this engine needs to be updated, move with the cloud and navigate to victory!

Would you like to know if the 10-120 computer network can be moved to the cloud? It’s easy, contact us and we’ll evaluate the availability of the cloud over the phone. We even offer a trial version of 60 days and, if you do not like it, we will remove the cloud and go back to the previous configuration. In this way, there is no risk, just the opportunity to experience all the bonuses offered by the cloud. By the way, no one came back after experimenting with the wonders of the cloud.

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