Offices housed in the cloud and its benefits: safe and secure

By | September 13, 2018

We do not know about cloud-based solutions and cloud computing at our peril. If we continue to ignore them, our competitors will not. In the end, they will benefit from lower costs and greater security of their IT. In short, they will be more competitive, they will run better and we will lose.

The new cloud strategy was launched by the European Commission and shows that the cloud is an opportunity for everyone. The committee aims to “enable and facilitate faster adoption of cloud computing in all sectors of the economy, which can reduce the costs of ICT and, once integrated into new digital business practices, improve productivity and growth. of the functionality “. The European Union is convinced that this will happen and asks the public sector to use its purchasing power to lower prices and raise standards for the benefit of all.

But as the European Commission tells us what to expect, it does not tell us how to do it, nor how to make sure we do it properly. Our Information Commissioner has retired with his new private publication, A Guide to Using Cloud Computing. Of course, ICO cloud computing and information protection are more prevalent. However, study after study, it appears that compliance issues are among the main blocks of the cloud. If you do it right, we’ll confidently go to the cloud with every cost element.

However, the ICO message is not simply “transmit”. It starts with a legal explanation: we are not responsible for the information we have, we can do the storage, but we are not responsible. Our information and our responsibility remain. Then, it explains how we can fulfill our obligations and this is of utmost importance since the signing of the contract with our cloud service provider.

If we get the contract right, we can be secure and compatible in the cloud, which means that everything in the foreground is clear and immutable, a contract in which the terms are clear, guaranteed and unmodified by a random provider. Desktop computers hosted in the cloud are an answer. It provides a direct and secure service that allows you to respond to requests from the European Union in the manner required by the ICO, while enjoying the benefits of cloud computing while saving money!

Many companies have already made progress without the direct costs of managing their hardware and software license issues by controlling their infrastructure. Desktop solutions hosted in the cloud are not left behind by clouds.

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