Types of SEO lingo

By | September 11, 2018

In summary, it’s about how to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Traffic is essential for a thriving online business. Here you will get the next shows of your dream. No comma. I want to submit a detailed SEO form that works for my website.

First, point your audience

This is perhaps the most important job when you are learning to do SEO. Brainstorm and write a long list of words that your audience is looking for. In other words, what are you looking for exactly? Is there anything I should buy or buy to get the service? All you can get is a possible keyword.

When learning how to do SEO, you must absolutely think about the keywords to convert. An excellent tool for finding your SEO is simply to write the “Keyword Generator” in the search engine of your choice. This will provide a statistical graph that shows how keywords are used online.

– Update your page titles –

These are the words that appear at the top of your web browser when you visit a web page. These are also words that are displayed in search engines with blue links.

Enter your search terms in the titles of your page. Make titles as short as possible and appealing to your audience. Enter the main keywords at the beginning of the title. If your developer / website tells you that these keywords are very difficult or expensive, you should find a new developer.

Make each page a unique title –

All pages on your website must contain unique page titles. To find out if you have more than one page with the same title, you can do the following in search engines.

The results of this search show all SEO pages with this title. You can update the addresses to make them unique.

Add text to the page for which the keywords are also used, in text and h1 the title of the page. If you do not have a keyword-oriented page you’re using, add a new page. You must also check the meta description tags on each page to make sure they are unique.

– Add internal links –

Since the home page is the most important site, related pages are also important. Find out which pages you want to evaluate (not all) and add links from other pages to these pages. Be sure to use relevant keywords in the text of these links. For example, if you want to sort the Pizza page, use the word pizza in the text links to this page. Do not try to use exactly the same terms in each link to make them look more “normal”. For example, in some links, you use “the best pizza”.

– Add titles for each page.

If your company has multiple sites, you can create a separate page for each site or at least one page listing all sites. Link these pages to as many pages as possible on the site.

During SEO, you can specify as many site names as possible on the home page.

– Look at your SEO profile in the yellow pages –

There are many yellow pages where you can update your company information for free. These sites have a lot of traffic and tend to position themselves well. Go to everyone and upload your profile and make sure it is linked to your website. You may be surprised at the work you can do with these free offers.

How to do SEO (video)?

This SEO action can be performed from a mobile device. Explain your service and try to be charming.

Download it on many free video sites, such as YouTube. Make sure your website is linked to your profile. Then link these video pages of your website to the keywords in the link text. You will be surprised at how easy these pages are for your search terms.

How to create a SEO blog for your website?

Blogs are just a simple way to add pages to your website. A good or bad web developer should be able to create a simple blog for you in minutes.

The basic code for SEO is very profitable. Here you really learn how to use SEO keywords. If you want to rank “How to do SEO”, enter a blog article titled “How to do SEO”. Whenever you write something on your blog, it is immediately added to your search engine. Very simple but effective.

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