SEO dead – Really?

By | September 9, 2018

I lost the number of cases in which articles were published online or in magazines, claiming that SEO had been turned off. It appears that these items reappear in the tree when Google or another search engine updates an algorithm to check which websites or which search engine optimization techniques are suspicious. This seems to lead to a sudden increase in the number of bloggers who say SEO no longer exists.

I think it depends on what we call “search engine optimization”. SEO means search engine optimization, but what does it really mean? For those who use SEO techniques punished by a search engine, the claim that “SEO is dead” can apply to their techniques. You may have bet a lot on suspicious links of poor quality, which saturate your website and your complete copy of the keywords. These increasingly risky techniques are increasingly used to improve SEO. But the fact that the search engine changes or improves the ranking of websites (which is usually good for improving the quality of results) does not mean that SEO is completely dead. This simply means that some referencing techniques must be revised or excluded from the many techniques and efforts that affect classification.

Therefore, this should not be considered as the end of an era, but as a call for proactive, adaptive and progressive search engine optimization. SEO is not dead, but SEO is changing and evolving. A boy does it often! I have been very involved in SEO for many years and I have to learn, understand, change and go to SEO every month, sometimes every week. Many factors influence how you understand your search engine and the ranking of your sites. It is important to stay ahead of these things and continually search for the most effective techniques.

Search engines always organize their order according to an algorithm composed of different indicators. This can change and adapt to some added or ignored indicators over time, but search engines still need a template to rank them. An SEO expert should always strive to make these changes and to ensure that the techniques and efforts that search engines prefer favor. Assuming that SEO will never die.

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